Shore Corps
Summer 2022

Client: Rockaway Initiative for
Sustainability and Equity
Role: Director, DP, editor

Community Visioning

Client: The Nature Conservancy
Role: Director, DP, editor

Human and
Civil Rights Awards:
Project Cure

Client: National Education Association
Production Company: DEVOTIVE
Role: DP, colorist

On the Revel
Block Party Sizzle

Client: On the Revel
Production Company: DEVOTIVE
Role: DP

Photojournalism Gallery

Director, DP, editor

Somatica Sessions

Client: Here She Comes
Role: DP,  editor, colorist

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Letters of Empathy

Co-director, DP, editor

MetLife: Passion Projects

Client: MetLife
Role: DP, Camera operator

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Artist: Emel Mathlouthi
Role: Colorist

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