Production is hard.
Collaboration should be easy.

Hey, I’m Niger! I’m a director of photography and colorist based in Brooklyn New York. Over the past decade I’ve worked with many big brands that you’ve heard of, and a lot that you haven’t. I enjoy working on a wide range of projects, both scripted and unscripted.

Regardless of project size or complexity, my goal is always to bring the most value that I can, while making it easy for whomever I work with. Whether you’re hiring me just to shoot, post-production or to bring a project to life, from start to finish, you can expect a level of expertise, flexibility and creative thinking that only comes from years of experience.

Unlike many filmmakers, my background is in brand strategy and design, so
I understand the role that storytelling plays in achieving an organization's goals. Above all else, I value professionalism. To me this means timeliness, attention to detail, communication, technical proficiency, and the ability to change course when needed, all the while keeping a positive attitude. Aligning these key attributes creates an environment for the client, talent and crew, where creativity can thrive and goals can be met.

When it comes to color, I'm far more than a DP who does some color on the side. Since my first certification course in 2013, I've been avidly studying color and have trained with some of the industry's most respected colorists and color scientists. I love working with color because the marriage between creative intent and technical problem-solving suits my personality perfectly.

I love having the opportunity to make an image better with every adjustment.

Feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear about your next project!